A Birmingham Original: 5 Point Public House Oyster Bar


Walking into 5 Point Public House Oyster Bar is like entering a futuristic biergarten. Smells of slow-braised meats and the hiss of the skillet intermingle with the hot curls of light in bare Edison bulbs, casting a warm glow on the modern-industrial space. Reclaimed wood, vintage doors and a retro fridge are reimagined as wall panels, sliding partitions and a hostess stand. Their worn patina lends an inviting, unpretentious atmosphere that beckons you to stay a while in this cozy eatery, nestled in historic Five Points South in Southside. The concrete bar bears the proud, hand-painted slogan, “It’s nice to have you in Birmingham!” along its belly. One might assume this bar’s “belly” is filled with beer, but there’s a delightful surprise in the ecofriendly kegs of wine on tap, which flow into laboratory-style beakers. This playful approach of taking simple elements and reinventing them as something new, yet equally beautiful, is also reflected in the menu.

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